AZD-RB/TFL Dummy or ‘Decoy’ Alarm Bell Box with Dual Flashing LED’s

Dummy / Decoy  Bell Box with Twin alternate Flashing LED's, RED Cover with BLUE Lens, supplied with backplate & wall fixings.

AZD Dummy  Bellbox with Dual  Flashing LED's

Backplate with Dual Flashing LED Module & Battery Holder

Product Features:

Dummy / Decoy External Sound Unit in ABS, looks identical to the 'live Bellboxes' and comes complete with backplate and fixing screws.

In addition it is fitted with a twin alternate flashing LED module  with C Cell battery holder, to realistically match the Live Bell boxes.

  • Slim-line enclosure in ABS material

  • White Cover with Blue Lens

  • ABS Backplate in white

  • Twin alternate Flashing LED Module with Green LED's

  • C Cell battery holder

  • Wall fixing screws with rawl plugs

  • Please note: Battery is NOT Included

Optional features:

  • Cover colour: Red

  • Lens colours: Blue

NB: This battery operated model provides a low current circuit for optimum longevity that allows for visibility of the LED's during dusk or at night. Using a good quality Alkaline C Cell battery it should operate for around 4 years before needing replacement.

Available options

AZD-WB-TFL ( white cover / blue lens)
AZD-RB-TFL ( red cover / blue lens)

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AZD-WR-TFL ( white cover / red lens)

out of stock iconOUT OF STOCK

AZD-RW-TFL ( red cover / white lens)

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AZD-RR-TFL ( red cover / red lens)

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