6242YH   2 Core + Earth Flat, Grey, Electrical Wiring Cable

6242YH Twin & Earth, BASEC Approved 


6242YH 2 Core + Earth electrical wiring cable (Twin & Earth), Flat with Grey outer, used for domestic and lighting industrial electrical wiring applications.

Standards; BS6004, BASEC Approved  

Voltage Rating:  300/500V

Application: Domestic or light industrail wiring. Suitable for clipping, laying into walls or inside trunking or conduit.

Construction: Two copper cores with PVC sheathing plus one bare copper ciruit protective, conductor. Outer sheathing in Flat, Grey PVC. A range of conductor sizes are available as detailed below.

Core Colours: Two core Brown & Blue

Outer sheathcolour : Grey PVC, Flat

Operating Temperature:  0°C (Min) to 70°C (Max)

Packaged: Available as  50 or 100M Reel 



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