6491X-G/Y General Industrial Wiring Cable- Single Core


6491X Green & Yellow


Single Core, PVC Insulated, non-sheathed industrial wiring cable of varing cross section. Outer sheathing in green & yellow.

Standards: BS 6004, BASEC Approved

Voltage Rating: 450/750V (1 mm2 300/500V)When installed in an earthed metal enclosure, cables are suitable for voltages up to 1000V AC

Application: Industrial wiring, these cables are intended for installing into trunking or conduit. They can also be used inside a fixed, protected installation such as a light fitting, appliances, control or switch gear.

Construction: Single core cable. Solid or stranded plain copper conductor, depending on cross section, PVC insulated only.

Wide range of conductor sizes available as detailed below.

Insulation Colours: Green/Yellow.

Temperature Rating: 70c

Packaged: 50 or 100m Reel

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