KB-1212  VRLA 'Standby' Battery, AGM, 1.2 AH, 12V



KB-1212 1.2 AH, 12V, SLA Battery

F1 type Faston Spade connectors


Kinetix branded 1.2 aH, 12V, SLA battery,  offering excellent performance, durability and reliability for Standby applications in security & Fire Systems, Emergency Lighting, Uninterruptable power supplies and more!  

  • 1.2 AH,  12V, VRLA

  • 20aH rated capacity

  • Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid

  • AGM non spillable construction

  • Safety valve.

  • Exceptional deep dishcharge recovery

  • Low self discharge characteristics

  • Robust ABS Container & cover

  • Suitable for many 'stand-by' applications including Security Systems & Emergency Lighting

  • F1 type faston 'spade'  terminals

  • Superb performance & durability

  • Long service life: 3+ years

  • Dimensions 97 x 43 x 53 mm

  • Fully compliant with applicable standards for sale in UK & EU.


 Product Specification