8CORE-S  Security Alarm Cable, Foil screened, TCCA, 100M

8 Core, Foil screened Security Alarm cable, 7 stranded TCCA with PVC outer Sleeve, 100M


8 Core screened on 100m robust reel

Structure of Foil Screened Alarm cable

Product Features:

Flexible cable with Foil screen, used for the wiring of Security Alarm Systems, Access Control or other low voltage applications.

Will comfortably exceed the performance requirements of BS4737-3.30 at type 3.

  • 8 Core ‘Screened’ Intruder Alarm Cable

  • 7 x 0.2 mm strands, TCCA

  • Tinned Copper Coated Aluminium

  • cores (35% Copper content) 

  • Insulation, PVC 0.3 mm

  • Nylon stripping cord

  • Aluminium Foil screen with earth wire

  • Outer Sleeve, PVC in white

  • Current rating:  1 amp

  • CE, RoHS & CPR compliant

  • Core colours: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, White, Orange & Brown

  • 100m Reel: Cardboard with metal inner

Product Specification

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