KSB5516MS 16 Ohm Mylarcone Extension Speaker with anti-tamper M/Switch in slimline enclosure.

Mylarcone 'Extension Speaker'. ABS enclosure with anti-tamper micro switch. 16 Ohm, 12 Watt. Wall mountable. 

KSB5516MS   16 Ohm Mylarcone Extension Speaker

KSB5516MS Dimensions

Product Features: 

Our 16 Ohm mylarcone Extension speaker has been utilized as the internal sounder of choice in literally millions of security system installations worldwide for the past two decades! 

The KSB5516MS is located within a sleek and attractive low profile ABS casing and comes complete with two-way anti-tamper microswitch for wall and lid tamper. 

  • Internal Mylarcone Extension Speaker

  • 16 Ohm impedance

  • 12 Watt maximum power

  • Sound output up to 115dB@1m

  • Low profile stylish casing in ABS

  • Wall mount back-plate

  • Two-way anti-tamper M/Switch

  • Dimensions 110 x 110 x 45 mm

  • Grade 2 compliant under EN50131 as a warning device 


  • Standards:  Can be installed as an ancillary sounder to security alarm system complying with EN50131 up to Grade 3 & Environment class 2 provided it is not acting as the principle warning device for notification purposes.

Product Specification

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