KSB2  Sound Bomb 2, Quad Piezo Internal Sounder, 12VDC

Sound Bomb, internal 'Quad piezo' sounder. 112 dB sound output. Wall mountable. 12vdc.  

KSB2  Quad Piezo Internal Sounder

KSB2 Dimensions

Product Features:

The ever popular 'Sound Bomb 2' has been a market leading internal siren sounder for domestic commercial and industrial security alarm systems for over twenty years!

Utilizing Quad (4) Piezo elements our KSB2 is extremely loud combining very high dB output rating with relatively low current consumption.

  • Sound Bomb2 - Quad Piezo elements

  • 112dB plus sound output

  • Frequency range 1.5-2.8Khz

  • 125mA current consumption

  • ABS casing in white

  • Twin wall fixings

  • 15cm flying lead ( Black & Red)

  • Dimensions: 106 x 106 x 33 mm

  • 12VDC Powered

  • Compatible with any hard wired Alarm Control Panel and used throughout the industry


  • Standards:  Can be installed within any security alarm system complying with EN50131 up to Grade 3 & Environment class 2 provided it is not utilized as the principle warning device for notification purposes.

Product Specification


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