KLBC-4AH  4AH, 14.4V Lithium Battery charger

4 AH, 14.4V Lithium ( LiFePo4) ‘Intelligent’  4 stage Battery charger with mains lead and DC Jack connector suitable for charging our range of Lithium Golf Trolley batteries.

Lithium battery ‘smart’ charger, 4AH, 14.4V with mains lead and 10.5mm DC Jack

4 stage ‘intelligent’ charger with LED indication of state of charge.


Intelligent Lithium Battery Charger, 4 AH 14.4V supplied with mains lead and 10.5mm DC Jack connector suitable for use with our own range of Kinetix Lithium LifePo4 Golf Trolley batteries and those of many other leading manufacturers.

This micro processor controlled 4 stage ‘smart’ charger provides multi LED indication of state of charge with pre-charge, bulk charge, constant voltage and auto cut-off.

Simply connect to your battery and leave the charger to do the work. It will apply the charge needed to bring the battery back to optimum performance. No need to worry about leaving it on too long!  


  • Input: 100-240VAC @ 50/60 Hz

  • Output: 4AH

  • Voltage 14.4V

  • Charging modes: 4 stage

  • 4 x LED indication of charge state

  • Suitable for charging 12.8V LiFePo4 batteries

  • Charge time: 2-10 hours

  • connector type 10.5mm DC Jack

  • Supplied with mains lead & UK three pin plug


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