KB18-LIT/PR  Kinetix Lithium-Ion Golf Trolley Battery 18 AH, 12.8V

18ah 12.8V Lithium-Ion Golf Trolley Battery supplied with T-Bar adapter, carry case and charger. Capable of up to 27 Holes on a single charge and should fit most Golf Trolleys that utilize the three- pin ‘screw down’ type connector adopted by Prorider, Hillman and many more.

KINETIX  18AH 12.8V LiFePo4 Lithium Battery in neoprene carry case

Kit accessories including Smart Charger and T-Bar to three-pin ‘screw down’ adapter lead


18AH 12.8V Lithium-Ion (LiFePo4) Golf Trolley Battery, capable of covering up to 27 holes on a single charge, with a design life equivalent to around 2000 rounds of Golf or about five times the life of traditional Lead Acid batteries yet a quarter of the weight! 

Will connect to most Golf Trolleys on the market that utilize the three-pin ‘screw down’ type connector adopted by Prorider, Hillman, Ben Sayers and many more. Comes with neoprene weather resistant case and carry strap, T-Bar adapter lead and intelligent 'smart' charger.

Superb performance, durability and longevity, combined with ultra light weight portability at only 2.50Kg! 

  • Lithium Ion ( LiFePo4) Battery

  • 18 AH, 12.8V (* up to 27 hole capacity)

  • Maintenance free

  • Design life approximately 2000 cycles

  • Robust ABS Casing

  • Includes T-Bar to three-pin adapter, neoprene case, carry strap and battery charger

  • New 4 stage 'smart' charger, 4AH

  • Light weight portability at 2,50Kg 

  • Size: 173 (L) x 133 (W) x 110 (H) mm (including neoprene case)

  • Fully compliant with applicable standards for sale in UK and EU.

  • 2 Year Warranty

* This latest model provides that bit more capacity than the ever popular 16ah version to give some peace of mind should you be negotiating a particularly hilly course or have a heavy weight dual motor trolley, however please note performance is always subject to specific trolley model, usage and age combined with course terrain and condition.

Lithium Battery Specification