RG6/B/100  Satellite Coaxial cable, 75 Ohm, 100M

75 ohm Satellite Coaxial Cable in Black, suitable for video transmission in satellite TV systems, SKY+, SKY HD, Virgin & many more.  


RG6 coaxial cable on robust 100m reel

RG6 showing aluminium foil screen and aluminium braiding 

Product Features:

RG6 Satellite specific, high quality Coaxial cable suitable for Digital Satellite and other TV or video transmission applications.

  • 75 Ohm impedance

  • Solid CCS conductor, 1.0 mm

  • double screened

  • Foam PE (Polyethelyne) insulation, 4.6mm

  • 64 x 0.12mm Al. braiding

  • Aluminium  Foil screened

  • 6.6mm PVC Jacket in black

  • 100m Reel  



PDF Downloads:

Cable specification


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