KTX100 Twin  Premium quality Satellite TV Coaxial cable, Twin (Shotgun), 100M

High quality Twin Coaxial cable, 100% copper. Designed  to provide optimum performance in Digital Satellite or Cable TV systems 


KTX100 Twin on 100m robust wodden reel

KTX100 TWN showing copper foil screen and braiding 

Product Features:

KTX100 'Twin' Premium Satellite Coaxial cable specifically for Digital  Satellite, Cable TV or other Video transmission applications. 'Shotgun' configuration.

  • 75 Ohm impedance

  • 2 x Solid Copper conductors, 1.0 mm

  • Foam PE (Polyethelyne) insulation, 4.6mm

  • 64 x 0.12mm CCA braiding

  • Copper (CU) foil screening

  • 2 x 6.75mm PVC Jacket in black

  • 100m Wooden Reel  



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Cable Specification


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