AZ-320WB External Sound Unit with strobe and twin sounders

Outdoor Bell Box with Twin piezo sounders offering a high output 115 dB, Xenon Strobe Flasher, SAB, twin flashing LED's, lid & wall anti-tamper, Polycarbonate construction  throughout.

AZ-320  Outdoor Siren with White Cover and Blue Lens

AZ-320 wall mount Backplate with PCB protection cover

Product Features:

The AZ320/TW Low profile Bell Box with Polycarbonate structure. Comes complete with twin high output piezo sounders providing 115 Decibels , Xenon Strobe Flasher, on-board S.A.B unit and twin flashing comfort LED's

  • Slim-line enclosure in 3mm Poly Carbonate

  • White Cover with Blue Lens

  • Twin 'high output'  piezo sounders, up to 115 decibel output

  • Xenon Strobe flasher

  • Twin alternating 'comfort' LED's in green

  • On board SAB - Self Actuating Bell

  • On board NiMH Battery - 7.2V

  • Two way anti-tamper microswitch for wall or lid tamper

  • Internal PCB cover in Polycarb. offering 'double skin' for impact and water resistance

  • conformally coated electronics for weather resistance

  • selectable cut-off time 9 / 15 minutes

  • 5 second test feature with engineer 'hold-off' facility

  • EN50131-4 compliant  at Grade 3 & Environmental class IV for Warning devices


  • Covers; White / Red

  • Lens: Blue / Red / White


Product Specification 

Product Manual

Available options

AZ320WB - (white cover / blue lens)
AZ320WR - (wite cover / red lens)
AZ320RB - (red cover / blue lens)

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AZ320RW - (red cover / white lens)

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AZ320WW ( white cover / white lens)
AZ320RR ( red cover / red lens)

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