AZ-120WB  External Sound Unit with integral strobe & sounder 

Outdoor Bell Box with single piezo  sounder, xenon strobe flasher and twin flashing LED's. (No S.A.B). ABS construction.


AZ-120WB  White Cover / Blue Lens ( No SAB)


 AZ-120 Wall mount Backplate

Product features:

Modern slimline 'Bell Box' with Piezo Sounder, Xenon Strobe Flasher and Twin alternating 'comfort' Led's.

  • Slim-line enclosure in ABS material

  • White Cover with Blue Lens

  • Single piezo sounder up to 112 decibel output

  • Xenon Strobe flasher

  • Twin alternating 'comfort' LED's in green

  • No SAB

  • Conformal coating to electronic circuitry for enhanced weather resistance


Optional features:

  • Two way anti-tamper microswitch for wall and lid tamper

  • Cover colours: White / Red

  • Lens colours: Blue / Red / White

Product Specification

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