B12-26GPK  VRLA, Deep Cycle Battery, AGM, 26 AH, 12V


 Supplied with T-BAR adapter for use with POWAKADDY Golf Trolleys

 12V, 26AH  Deep Cycle  SLA Battery

Comes with T-BAR adapter for connection to Powakaddy Golf Trolleys


26 AH, 12V  Ultra Deep Cycle VRLA, SLA Battery, offering superb performance, durability and longevity.

Supplied with T Bar adapter for connection to Powakaddy Golf Trolleys.

  • VRLA Ultra Deep Cycle
  • 26 AH   12V
  • Sealed Lead Acid- maintenance free
  • AGM non spillable construction
  • Safety valve.
  • Heavy duty non porous battery plates designed to withstand major repeated discharging and charging cycles.
  • Robust ABS Container & cover
  • Supplied with T-BAR adapter for connection to Powakaddy Golf Trolleys.
  • L Type  connection terminals (nuts and bolt supplied)
  • Superb sustained performance & durability with long service design life. 
  • Size: 166 (L) x 175 (W) x 125 (H) mm
  • Fully compliant with applicable standards for sale in UK and EU.

If you are unsure of the compatibility of this battery with your particular equipment, please call us on:

 0161 654 9595  

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