BCM24-6A/N   24V, 6Amp, Mobility Battery Charger

24V, 6 Amp SLA Battery Charger for Mobility Vehicles - comes with NEUTRIK  3 pin connector 


24V 6Amp Mobility vehicle battery charger with NEUTRIK 3 pin connector

Automatic, 24 Volt, 6 Amp SLA Battery charger with the popular Neutrik connector specifically designed to charge most Mobility Vehicles that utilize the Neutrik type charging socket.

This fast, high capacity charger will re-charge virtually any mobility vehicle up to 130AH or greater. It has a three stage charging process with LED status indication as follows:

 Red LED - fast charge

Orange LED- Float charge

Green LED - Battery fully charged.

Simply connect to your battery and leave the charger to do the work. It will apply the  charge needed to bring the battery back to optimum performance. No need to worry about leaving it on too long!  

Thus prolonging the life of your battery and keeping it in good health! 

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