LPC12-55PAIR Leoch Deep Cycle AGM Batteries, 55 AH, 12V


A pair of 55ah 12V Deep Cycle Batteries specifically designed to power Electric Mobility Vehicles.

2 x 12V, 55AH  Leoch Deep Cycle  AGM Batteries

Post Terminals  (supplied with nuts & bolts)


2 x 55 AH, 12V Leoch Deep Cycle AGM, Batteries, offering excellent performance, durability and longevity, designed specifically to power a wide variety of Electric Vehicles including Mobility Scooters, Wheel Chairs, Solar PV Systems and Medical Devices.

Sold as a pair since most mobility vehicles accept two batteries totalling 24V. 

  • VRLA Deep Cycle - Leoch brand
  • 55 AH   12V
  • Sealed Lead Acid- maintenance free
  • AGM non spillable construction
  • Heavy duty battery plates designed to withstand major repeated discharging and charging cycles.
  • Upright Post terminals (nuts and bolt supplied)
  • Excellent performance & durability with long service design life. 
  • Size: 228 (L) x 138 (W) x 209 (H) mm
  • Fully compliant with applicable standards for sale in UK and EU.

Please check our Battery Finder search facility if you are unsure of the compatibility of this battery with your particular equipment.

Alternatively please call us on 0161 654 9595  

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Product Specification

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