FLED-2  Dual alternate Flashing LED Module with battery holder

Battery powered Twin alternate Flashing LED's designed to fit most Alarm Bell Box enclosures to maximize the authenticity and deterrent effect of your Dummy / Decoy Sounder.

Dual Flashing LED Module with high visibility  GREEN, surface mount LED's

Dual Flashing LED kit contents.

Product Features:

Dual 'alternate' Flashing LED module with ‘C’ type battery holder designed to fit into ours and most other, Dummy External Alarm Bell Box enclosures.

Intelligent 'low current' circuit design means the unit should operate for approximately 4 years if fitted with good quality Alkaline ‘C’ Cell battery whilst maintaining high LED visibility during night time hours for optimum deterrent effect!

  • LED Module with GREEN flashing LED's

  • High bright, low current, surface mount type 

  • Approximately 60 flashes per minute

  • 4 Years operation on 1 x C Cell battery.

  • C battery holder (Battery not included)

  • Double sided adhesive pads for PCB and battery holder. (3M weather resistant)

  • Coated PCB for weather and corrosion resistance.


Circuit : 70 mm (L) x 23 mm (W)     

Battery Holder: 56 (L) x 28 (W) x 23 (H) mm

Flying lead: 15 cm ( red & black wires) 

NB: Please note that GREEN LED's will perform best, with optimum visibility through BLUE, GREEN or CLEAR lenses but are not recommended for use with Red, Amber or White Lenses.. Please consider this prior to purchase. 

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