CAT6A-U/FTP  LSZH 10 Gigabit Networking Cable, Solid copper 

conductors foil screened, Purple. 305m

The ultimate in high performance 10Gigabit Ethernet cable, 23AWG, CAT6A utilizing Solid Copper cores with aluminium foil screening for each twisted pair for unmatched electrical performance characteristics, signal integrity and durability. LSZH Low smoke zero halogen specification.

CAT6A- U/FTP LSZH, 10 Gigabit Network cable, 305m wooden reel.

CAT6A LSZH 500Mhz networking cable with individually foil screened core pairs


CAT6A-U/FTP-LSZH Network Cable

Genuine CAT6A ultra high performance multi-twisted pair 10 Gigabit Ethernet cable for the highest integrity data transmission applications.

The cable consists of 4 x pairs of Solid 23AWG Copper conductors with Polyethylene insulation and Aluminium foil screening for each twisted pair.  LSZH specification  outer jacket in purple.

Designed to strictly conform to the  ANSI/TIA 568C Standards.

Supplied on 305M wooden reel for robustness and to ensure compliance with the standards.

  • Application: Networking or CCTV video

  • 4 pair Solid Copper conductors.

  • 23AWG, 0.57mm cores

  • U/FTP Twisted Pairs - each pair foil screened

  • HDPE Polyethylene Insulation 1.25mm

  • LSZH Low Smoke Zero halogen Jacket

  • Sheath O/D 7.5 mm

  • Sheath colour : Purple

  • Minimum, bending radius 8 x O/D

  • Frequency range up to 500Mhz

  • DC resistance Max 9.3 Ohms/100m

  • Has stripping cord and drain wire

  • CE & RoHS compliant

  • ISO / IEC 11801

  • ANSI TIA/EIA 568C.2 compliant

  • temp -20 to +60c

  • 305M Wooden Reel

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