CAT6-COPPER-FTP/EXT Outdoor high speed Networking cable, foil screened, solid copper cores, Black 100m.

A high quality, Outdoor  CAT6 utilizing Solid copper conductors with outer foil screening and spline separator.  For use in Gigabit Ethernet applications. Comes with weather & corrosion resistant 'Duct Grade' PE outer jacket. 

CAT6 COPPER Outdoor FTP Network cable, 100m reel.

CAT6 Outdoor 'Duct Grade' networking cable with foil screen and central 'spline' separator.


CAT6-COPPER  EXT FTP Network Cable

Quality, Outdoor weather resistant CAT6 multi-twisted pair high signal integrity cable used in Gigabit high speed Ethernet, HDTV, HD CCTV Video and audio applications.

The cable consists of 4 x twisted pair insulated  Solid Copper conductors with (FTP) aluminium Foil Screening and weather resistant PE outer Jacket in Black. This cable also carries a central 'Spline' core separator to prevent Cross Talk.

Designed to conform to the  ANSI/TIA/EIA 568C Standards.

Supplied on 100M Reel

  • Application: Gigabit Ethernet

  • 4 pair Solid Copper conductors.

  • 24AWG, (min. 0.54mm) cores

  • FTP Aluminium Foil screened Twisted Pairs ( F/UTP)

  • HDPE Polyethylene Insulation 1.0mm

  • Central Spline to prevent Cross Talk

  • LDPE Polyethylene Sheath 6.3mm

  • Sheath colour : BLACK

  • Duct Grade-weather & corrosion resistant

  • Minimum, bending radius 5 x O/D.

  • Frequency range 250Mhz

  • current rating 0.6 Amps

  • CE & RoHS compliant

  • ANSI  TIA/EIA 568C.2 compliant

  • Operating Temp. -20c to +60c

  • 100M Reel


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