AZD-WB   Dummy Alarm Bell Box

Decoy or ‘Dummy’ version of our Aztech Bell Box, ABS Cover, supplied with backplate & wall fixings.

Aztech Slimline Dummy Bell Box. White Cover, Blue Lens

AZ-Dummy Wall mount backplate

Product Features:

Dummy / Decoy External Sound Unit in ABS, looks identical to the 'live Belboxes' and comes complete with backplate and fixing screws.

  • Slim-line enclosure in ABS material

  • White Cover with Blue Lens

  • ABS Backplate in black

  • Wall fixing screws with rawl plugs


Optional features:

  • Cover colour options: White or Red

  • Lens colours: Blue / Red / White


Product Specification


Available options

AZD-WB - ( white cover / blue lens)
AZD-WW - ( white cover / white lens)
AZD-RB - ( red cover / blue lens)

out of stock iconOUT OF STOCK

AZD-WR - ( white cover / red lens)
AZD-RW - ( red cover / white lens)

out of stock iconOUT OF STOCK

AZD-RR - ( red cover / red lens)

out of stock iconOUT OF STOCK

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