KB-1270  VRLA Standby Battery, AGM, 7.0 AH, 12V

7.0 ah, 12V AGM battery designed for use as a standby or back-up power source in security or fire system applications.

KB-1270 7.0 Ah, 12V, SLA Battery for system standby applications

F1 type 4.8mm industry standard ‘Faston’ Spade connector


Kinetix branded 7.0 AH, 12V VRLA, SLA battery, offering excellent performance, durability & reliability, for Standby applications in Security & Fire systems, Emergency Lighting, Access Control, small UPS systems and more!  

  • 7.0 AH 12V, VRLA

  • 20 hr rated capacity

  • Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid

  • AGM non spillable construction

  • Safety valve.

  • Excellent deep discharge recovery

  • Low self discharge characteristics

  • Robust ABS Container & cover

  • Suitable for many 'stand-by' applications including Security Alarm Systems & Emergency Lighting

  • F1 type 4.8mm faston 'spade'  terminals

  • Excellent performance & durability

  • Long service life: 3 years plus

  • Dimensions: 151 x 65 x 94 mm

  • Fully compliant with all relevant standards for sale in EU.


 Product Specification



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